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Dark House Tattoo Co-Operative is an exclusive blackwork tattoo studio located in the heart of East London, jointly owned and run by Adam Willett and Lucy Frost

Adam Willett and Lucy Frost are joint owners and residents artists at Dark House Tattoo Co. Adam specialises in strong, bold blackwork designs, which he contrasts with intricate detail. Lucy specialises in geometric, dotwork and botanical blackwork designs. Adam and Lucy regularly travel and tattoo all over the world. Get in touch if you’d like them to come to a convention or studio near you!

Dark House Tattoo Co also hosts regular guest spots, featuring selected artists from all over the world. Information on the latest guests can be found on our Instagram account.


Modern tattooing has seen artists working from both mass produced flash designs and client directed custom designs. At Dark House Tattoo Co we aim to get away from either tradition and work towards maximum creative freedom for the artist.

As artists we feel that we produce our best work when we are given freedom with design choices. Tattooing is our job and what we are best at, but strangely, clients are often very closed minded to our ideas and suggestions as to what will work, and what will look good. We find designs that become too client led are always inferior to our best work, which is both frustrating and upsetting as an artist.

When thinking about getting a new tattoo, we think it’s best to discover an artist whose work you love and approach them with an open-mind. Location and/or size and/or general theme/style/motif is usually enough information for an artist to create something original and wonderful for you.

If you’d like to increase your chances of an appointment and reduce your time on the wait list, then it’s important to note that projects offering maximum creative freedom will be given priority at Dark House Tattoo Co.


Dark House Tattoo Co is a 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free tattoo studio. This means that all of our furniture, equipment and consumables do not contain any animal products, nor have they been tested on animals. A lot of the products we use are also plant based and/or organic. 

At Dark House Tattoo Co we are pioneering the idea of an environmentally friendly tattoo studio.

Tattoo studios produce a lot of waste, a lot of which is not recyclable, and this is something that has concerned us since we started our careers. At Dark House we are passionate about saving the planet and we are 100% dedicated to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible, whilst maintaining health and safety standards.

What does this mean?
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning products 
  • Plastic disposables, such as gloves and bottle covers, are biodegradable 
  • Paper disposables, such as paper towels and printer paper, are from recycled sources
  • Waste is sorted and recycled appropriately 
  • We use energy saving products and processes, such as energy efficient light bulbs
  • Minimising unecessary travel, such as offering online consultations 
  • Minimising water waste; only running taps when needed for example
  • We use a green energy supplier - our electricity and gas are from 100% renewable sources
  • Regularly review and update our green policies in order to ensure we are as environmentally friendly as currently possible

You can read our full environmental policy here (COMING SOON).


At Dark House Tattoo Co we offer a unique, boutique tattooing experience, and we always go the extra mile for our clients. The studio is located in a private, converted warehouse space and is strictly appointment only. Although there are usually between 2-4 artists working at the studio, we are able to offer complete privacy on request, which is usually impossible in other studios.

At Dark House Tattoo Co quality is more important to us than quantity. Each artist sees just one client per day, ensuring maximum dedication, focus and commitment to every customer. From the very first contact right to the finished tattoo our service is tailored to each clients individual needs. We aim to provide a luxury customer experience, that is as high in quality as the finished tattoo. We want to make sure that the finished result, and the experience, are worth every penny.  
At Dark House Tattoo Co we want to provide our customers with an experience to remember, in order to build happy, long lasting client relationships.


At Dark House Tattoo Co we understand that being accessible is important to our clients' satisfaction.

Getting a new tattoo is exciting, and waiting weeks to even speak to an artist can be frustrating. In order to make the whole process as quick and simple as possible, we offer multiple ways of communicating directly with your chosen artist.
While technology has made many aspects of our job easier, it has also reduced the amount of personal attention clients often receive. At Dark House Tattoo Co we meet almost all of our clients face-to-face prior to them being tattooed, either in person at one of our consultation events, or via an online video chat.  Our regular consultation events are free-of-charge to attend, as is your one-on-one consultation with your chosen artist. 

Waiting months and months for an appointment can be equally frustrating. At Dark House Tattoo Co we only book two months in advance, meaning you never have to wait too long for an appointment. On the first of every month, we open bookings for the following month. For example; on July 1st we open bookings for August. Generally we hold a consultation event during the first week of every month.


There is inequality and exploitation in every industry, not least the tattoo industry. This is not something we ever wish to be a part of, so Dark House has been created as a Tattoo Co-Operative. A co-operative is an organisation run jointly by its members, working together towards a common goal.

We have often found the way many tattoo studios are run to be financially unfair on artists. We offer all guest and resident artists agreements which are flexible and fair for both parties. We seek to benefit creatively from other artists who come to work with us at Dark House; not financially.

We have also encountered a lack of team spirit and community within the industry. At Dark House Tattoo Co we aim to work as a cohesive team, both in the studio and on the road. As a team we spend regular time together; sharing ideas and knowledge, visiting galleries and other creative events, and of course travelling for conventions and guest spots.


As a studio we have chosen Mind, the mental health charity, as our chosen charity for 2018. Raising awareness and understanding of mental health and associated issues is a subject close to home for those at Dark House.